Friday, February 22, 2008

Circle This

Harry Potter and Drew Carey are going to be so stylin' this spring. I just read that round framed glasses a la the kind that John Lennon and other hipsters wore are making a vintage comeback in eyewear this year. But before you go rushing to the nearest Pearl Vision, an expect quoted in the article says that round isn't for everyone. They look best on faces that are long and slender, which is why Lennon was able to pull it off. You also have to be comfortable with standing out since they're the frame choice of "eccentric types."

This is a good start to making the majority of the male minion out there more retro. Now ditch those goatees for sideburns, please!


Anonymous said...

In an era when wearing corrective lenses was way uncool...and contact lenses way expensive...John Lennon inspired even the twenty-twenties out there to wear round of all, with blue lenses. We miss you John! ...J

Ruby said...

actually, I am looking for that kind of eyeglass(the round tyle)but I could not find any. I had shoped all of eyewear store here in the city, but none, none has the shape that I want.

It breaks my heart, coz I'm a big fan of Lennon and also it's kinda look fasionable.

Now, I have my first eyeglass but it is not the round eyeglass that I want, I'll try to shop in other cities, so I can have the round eyeglass.

GoRetroGirl said...

Hey Ruby, I don't know where you live but have you tried ForEyes? I saw several round eyeglass styles when I shopped for new glasses a few months ago. I'm sure you'll find some eventually - seems to me even when they're not in style they're always available someplace.

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