Saturday, August 02, 2008

Take a Chance On Mamma Mia

There are times when I realize that living the year 2008 isn't so bad after all. Today I experienced one of those moments. I've just spent the two most enjoyable hours that I've ever experienced in a movie theater.

The male population out there can keep their Dark Knight,, Hellboy, and Mummy. I just saw THE best movie of the summer...and possibly the year...Mamma Mia! Although, to be fair, there were lots of men in the theater who appeared to be enjoying this chick flick (an unfair, stereotyped term) every bit as much as their wives and girlfriends. This movie is to Baby Boomers what Grease was to my generation, although you don't have to be past the age of 45 to enjoy ABBA's infectious melodies. It really confirmed for me how beautiful and timeless the Swedish pop quartet's songs truly are. It was a fun (and funny) movie that I didn't want to see end. Meryl Streep was fabulous (and isn't she like pushing 60 by now?), Amanda Seyfried who played the daughter Sophie was sweet, and the stunning Greek landscape, with water so blue it rivals the Carribean makes me want to book a trip there. Oh, the guys were great, too. Pierce Brosnan's voice is a little growly and rough, but Colin Firth's gentle vocal chops (hunkalicious, Mr. Darcy!) reminded me of Donovan. Christine Baranski and Julie Walters are so hilarious and steal the show.

Note to Hollywood: make more musicals! People love them and they make us feel good!

Keep your eye out at the end for a cameo by one of the members of ABBA. If you're on the fence about going because of some party pooper critic's review, GO. You'll leave the theater like a Super Trooper...feeling like a number one.

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d.funkt said...

still havent seen mamma mia but id really like to. of course, id rather see it on broadway but my budget wont permit hat at present.

campaigning in new hampshire? i can imagine that being quite an experience. i love rear window as well but strangers on a train is darker. i cant believe they *remade* it as disturbia but oh well. hollywoods clearly running out of ideas.

thx for stopping by

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