Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still Unforgettable

It behooves me how Jessica Simpson supposedly has the number-one selling album in the country right now. The lady (and I don't use that term lightly) who should be ruling our music charts is Natalie Cole. She just released a new album of her take on old standards, "Still Unforgettable", which includes a new duet with her late dad, to the tune "Walkin' My Baby Back Home." Now if you're rolling your eyes and saying to yourself, "Oh no, not again...duets with dead people are so 1990s" let me tell you that Ms. Cole rocked the house with a performance of the song on The View earlier this week. What made it all the more remarkable is that her breathing was noticeably labored during the pre-interview with the View women - the result, she says, of treatment for Hepatitis B. Cole is currently undergoing chemotherapy and admits to taking oxygen tanks on the road with her (not unlike a musical hero of mine, Bobby Darin) and yet she belted out "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" as if she had merely a mild headache (all while looking like a movie star.)

I haven't had the chance to sample the album yet, but it includes "Come Rain Or Come Shine", "Lollipops And Roses", and "The Best Is Yet To Come." I think it's safe to say our girl Nat is still making our man Nat quite proud.


Amy said...

I love Natalie Cole's music, Jessica Simpson's music isnt music.

d.funkt said...

i love that shes still going strong. i read in a wedmd article that its hepatitis c she has. im not really sure of the difference, but thats what it said.

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