Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Cover Art of the Day: John Denver

Sunshine...on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine...on John Denver's bare shoulders makes me cry
Shirtless...on some singers, is quite sexy
But a shirtless...John Denver just makes me ask why?


Lidian said...

This is so disturbing! It is truly bad cover art at its best (worst?)!

Now I am going to try and repress the memory of this bizarre image.

Anonymous said...

John Denver's a hunk!No seriously WTF was he thinking?Some people might put him down as a singer/songwriter(I'm 50/50 a fan and non-fan),but this certainly didn't do good publicity for him.

Anonymous said...

This is great cover art in my opinion. I actually have two copies of the CD, which has that cover. John Denver is the most beautiful man I have seen. A shirtless picture of him is fan service for me.

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