Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hai, Young Lovers! A Guide to 1960s Japanese Sex

Yes, oh God, yes! You read that right. I followed some link from a virtual retro encyclopedia to a site called Hello Damage which chronicles unusual products and literature from Japan and that included a scanned how to guide to sex from the 60s for young Japanese couples. Just to forewarn any delicate readers: I've omitted the one image containing nudity, and while the others don't show any actual body parts, they do use innocuous stand-ins for sexual acts. I hope no one is offended and I do recommend taking a look as several of these are just too darn funny.

The manual starts off quite innocently enough - demonstrating the fine art of hand holding. I mean, you did know there were at least a dozen ways of holding hands and doing it properly, right?

Hold your hormones, beginners: these are advanced techniques only. Armholding? Only for the most experienced lovers.

Grooming as foreplay.

Hmmmm. What do you suppose their hands are doing underneath there?

Here's where things get interesting. Hey buddy, I think your finger is in the wrong geographical location.

Now that's more like it.

Seeing the arrows on these diagrams make me think of the squeeky noises you make when you're cleaning windows.

How to jerk off a testtube.

Here's where things really get weird. She looks like she's having telepathy sex with one of those wooden models that artists use, only in life size form.

Well, was it good for you, too? The only thing missing is how to smoke the post orgasm cigarette!


Matt said...

I swear in the first page with the dummy diagrams, the upper right picture looks like the dummy is begging!

Pam@GoRetro said...

LOL - yes, he does.

d.funkt said...

This is hilarious. Nothing I've seen recently has made sex look less sexy. Thank you so, so much for doing this.

d.funkt said...

Liked this post so much, I liked to it on my Twitter ^_~

buy viagra said...
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Maria Jensen said...

hahaha, first of all great post! And i love your retro blog as well : )
And for the second, lolz on that last comment about viagra, talk about good timing lol!
I agree with d.funkt, this is a good way to make sex look... so not sexy lol

Viagra said...

Why did the women not shave their underarms?

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