Saturday, December 28, 2013

Whatever Happened To...Fitness Television Programs?

I find it amazing that out of the hundreds of channels I receive in my cable subscription not a single one of them is devoted to health and fitness. There's never been a greater need for one. Americans continue to get fatter and unhealthier and nearly every week it seems there's a news story about our growing obesity problem, yet an exercise show featuring at-home workouts is apparently as elusive as the Tooth Fairy as we head into 2014.

Ironically, we had them when people were skinnier. I've mentioned Jack LaLanne on here a few times--and I bring him up again because he pioneered the concept of a fitness television show with exercises that one could do in the comfort of their home, in front of the set. The Jack LaLanne Show premiered in 1951 and ran until 1985. It was the longest running exercise program. LaLanne incorporated household objects that anyone had lying around, such as a chair, for viewers to participate. My mother loved it. She was a stay-at-home mom and the exercises helped her stay in shape. In addition to workout moves, LaLanne also doled out recipes and nutrition advice. 

The 1980s saw a fitness revolution and growing up during that decade, I remember Richard Simmons having his own daytime morning show that incorporated exercises. I also remember Body by Jake, hosted by Hollywood trainer Jack Steinfeld, as well as 20 Minute Workout, a Canadian show which featured a bevy of aerobic wear-clad women demonstrating moves on a rotating platform (which makes me wonder how many male viewers were tuning in, not necessarily to work out.)

Now? Nothing. Instead of giving people something healthy and productive to do, TV and cable is overrun with reality TV programs...some of them, such as Man v. Food, even promote shoveling as much unhealthy s*it as you possibly can down your throat. Sure, you can look up free workouts online, but I think there really needs to be an exercise TV or cable show during the daytime or even in the early evening--something that people can DVR and watch when they have time to work out.  

The likely reason why such shows no longer exist is because no one would watch them. There were two fitness channels on cable around 6 years ago, called Exercise TV and Fit TV, and both bit the dust after only a couple of years on the air. So, as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I've blogged before about why today's society is so fat, and unfortunately, too many people don't seem to get that healthy eating and exercising is a lifestyle change, not something you do for a week and then give up on. Maybe if the networks at least tested an exercise show about this time of year, when people are making New Year's resolutions, they just might be able to make it stick around for a while--Lord knows we could use one. 

Here's some clips from The Jack LaLanne Show, 20 Minute Workout, and Body by Jake. The 20 Minute Workout is VERY dated and comical! 


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Pam! When I was a boy I watched Jack LaLanne along with Richard Hittleman's Yoga and Health program. Later on I watched 20 Minute Workout and Body Shaping, primarily to ogle women like Keelin Curnuck! :)

Happy new year, Pam!

Pam@GoRetro said...

Hi, Shady! Thanks for the comments and Happy New Year to you as well!

Desiree said...

These videos are hilarious! Every once in a while I come across an exercise TV show sometimes, usually yoga. Nowadays, all the exercise stuff on TV tries to just get you to buy something.

yinzerella said...

You can still OnDemand exercise videos--at least on Comcast--it's just like Exercise TV.

This post is making me think of Sit & Be Fit from PBS.

Swamp Dog said...

I really dig those chicks on the 20 minute workout. They used to play them inbetween the movies on the Cinemax movie channels in the 1980's. A lot of times they were more entertaining than the movies!

Lacey said...

I totally agree with you Pam, but let's be a little bit honest. "20 Minute Workout" was more for the men who sat on the couch than the ladies who should have gotten off it. In fact, the Playboy Channel of that time had THEIR version of the exact same show ( with a couple of differences I will let you speculate on).

netmousejunk said...

I found Sit and Be Fit, as well as Classic Stretch on NYC TV! 6 a.m. so get up early. I am taping so it is in my DVR section "forever" and can watch anytime.

netmousejunk said...

I found Sit and Be Fit, as well as Classic Stretch on NYC TV! 6 a.m. so get up early. I am taping so it is in my DVR section "forever" and can watch anytime.

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